EarTactic 3-in-1 USB Cleaning Endoscope Kit

"I love my ear tactic! I used to use the normal metal earpick or cotton buds, but it's hard especially if you want to do it yourself.. This is perfect!" - Logan R, USA


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The world's most innovative and safe ear pick. Top 1 in functionality, effectiveness and portability. Perfectly inspect nose, oral, blackheads, ears and more.

Quick easy-to-use DIY home care ear exam and save $1000's.

Safer than traditional ear picks. Complete kit with soft silicone earpick attachments.

HD Camera and adjustable LED light - Using your phone/Laptop/Computer.
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HD Ultra Clear View

With the HD camera, you can see clearer image of the ear canal and ear wax, and remove the wax safely and easily.

Soft silicone ear spoon

Use the soft silicone ear spoon remove earwax without scratching.

Make removing ear wax cleaner, safer and more comfortable.

Visual Ear Cleaning

Easy & safe entry to the ear, view in clearer perspective, now you can see earwax cleaning process.


The HD EarTactic Endoscope will clearly show you the inner situation of your ear using your phone, computer or laptop. You can save photos and videos or simply use it to remove ear waxes using the attachment.


Package Includes:

1 x Pen Camera Otoscope

2 x Earpicks

1 x Cleaning Cloth

1 x Protective Sleeve


Mobile Phone



How To Use

Simple to use - It's a plug and play mechanism. Attach the usb to a phone or computer and download the required software which will be included in the package.

The earkit attachment gives the user an option for preference when cleaning ears.

Introducing The USB HD Endoscope Ear Wax Remover

Perfect Visibility When Cleaning Your Ears

Innovation Structure

Ultra HD Camera that can be attached to any devices such as your phone, laptop, or computer.

#1 Ear wax remover
Proven to be safer than traditional earpicks as it allows you to see clearly what you are trying to take out from your ears.

Stylish and Portable

Take it out at with you any time and even at home without paying for $1,000's of hospital bills.

Perfectly Inspect Nose, Oral, Blackheads, Ears and more 

Great before exercise to stretch and prevent injuries. Amazing after a workout for recovery. Increased flexibility and mobility, it will help break-down tightness and adhesions, it gives a deep-tissue massage, it will help increase recovery times and prevent injuries after tough workouts, it will enhance joint health, and also encourage circulation.

Avoid Expensive Doctor Bills

Avoid expensive doctor bills, the EarTactic USB Ear Wax Remover is easy to use at home.

Simply put,this is a high-definition visual ear canal cleaning tool, which includes a 5.5 mm diameter mini camera and some interchangeable accessories, refusing to be blind, no longer bothered, just enjoy the most comfortable experience, you can take pictures and record, save on your device. 


Designed with a waterproof HD camera, you can clean your ear with one hand operation and inspect the canal conditions displayed on the portable monitor through the photoelectric signal transmission.

Give light to your ear canal 

Adjustable LED light enables you to see in hard to reach parts, improving the image quality in the darkness.

Package Includes:

1 x Pen Camera Otoscope

2 x Earpicks

1 x Cleaning Cloth

1 x Protective Sleeve

Our Amazing Customer

Over  5,350+ customer used , love our EarTactic and talk about us on over the world.

30-DAY 100% Money-Back Guarantee


What's the diameter of the camera tip?

Diameter:4.3 mm(0.169 inch)

Would I be able to identify an ear infection with this one?

"You might be able to identify inflammation or irritation but you can’t see an infection if you don’t know what you are looking for. You also can’t see individual bacteria or very small number of them. Seeing it with this doesn’t give you the ability to prescribe medicine for it. Go to the Dr." - Kristina

Will this work on my Samsung Phone?

We support android phones and is compatible.

Can I fit the camera and a tool to remove wax at the same time?

"Yes my wife uses the tool included with the camera to scoop unwanted wax seen via the camera."

What about shipping and delivery?

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